2018 – 2019

President:Steven Cheng
PE:Adrain Cheong
VP:Anthony Wu
Secretary:Edward Chow
Treasurer:Shunny Chan
Sergeants-at-Arms:Michael Mok
IPP:Henry wong


The Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West is one of 56 Clubs inRotary International District 3450 (Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia). During an official visit of R.I. President Joaquin Saratossa Cibilis to Hong Kong in November 1953, he found that there were only two Rotary Clubs in Hong Kong, namely, the Rotary of Hong Kong and the Rotary Club of Kowloon. Immediately President Cibilis suggested to the Rotary Club of Hong Kong to sponsor two new clubs, one in each of the Western and Eastern districts of Hong Kong, and two extension committees for the new clubs were appointed. For the Western district, after a few months’ work of the committee, a new club emerged under the name of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West, which held its inaugural meeting on Friday, 26th March 1954. Its application for Rotary International membership was soon approved. The first regular Club meeting was held on Friday, 2nd April 1954 at the Golden Dragon Restaurant (金龍酒家), officiated by the late C.P. Fung Hon-chu (馮漢柱). Our Club charter was issued by R.I. on 12th April 1954.

On Friday 28th May 1954, a joint charter night was held by the Hong Kong Island West and East Clubs at the Ritz Ballroom, during which Rtn. T.F. Wei, acting on behalf of R.I. Administrative Advisor G.E. Mardnc, formally presented the Rotary Charters to the two new clubs, and a ‘birth certificate’ to each and every charter member of the two clubs. This marked the birth of twins in the same city, the first time in Rotary history.

Territorial Limits

All that of the Island of Hong Kong west of the Eastern Territorial Boundary and North of the Southern Territorial Boundary. The Eastern Territorial Boundary is defined by a line drawn between the Victoria Peak and the Queen Victoria Street. This boundary shall travel along Queen Victoria Street North Eastwards until it reaches Victoria Harbour. The Southern Territorial Boundary is defined by a line drawn between the Victoria Peak and the Junction of Pokfulam/Mount Davis Road; this boundary shall travel along Mount Davis Road Westwards until it meets Victoria Road, and the boundary shall travel further from this point in a straight line up to where the Western Harbour Boundary meets the Hong Kong Island and any further extension thereof.

In 1979 when we sponsored the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest and subsequently when the Northwest Club sponsored the City Northwest and the Mid-Level Clubs, we allowed them to share our territories but without further relinquishment. Most recently in 1993 we sponsored our latest extension Club of The Peak, making a total of five Clubs in our big family.


The Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West has been holding its regular weekly club meetings every Friday of the week except for public holidays since its formation in 1954. At present, the Club holds its regular meetings at the Hong Kong Bankers Club at 1:00 p.m., with a 30-minute fellowship session prior to the meeting. The electronic club bulletin “Westary” is published monthly.